About Giclée

About the Giclee Process

Our mission is to fulfill our commitment to the highest standards in fine art publishing.

To complement the high quality of Yana Movchan’s unique vision, we have chosen to use only the finest modern printing techniques. Each specially crafted print is part of a small, exclusive limited edition. This means that we can guarantee premium results.

The secrets of our beautiful prints are :

  • Personalised craftsmanship
  • The very latest digital technology
  • Fine artist- preferred Giclée process
  • Unsurpassed fidelity to the original
  • Meticulous quality control with expert supervision from initial photography  to final packaging
  • Museum-quality archival permanence

The exceptional finish of the Giclée reproduction results from painstaking quality control throughout every aspect of its creation. We are proud to use the very latest digital technology combined with personalized monitoring of the process to ensure the highest possible standards.

Giclée, ‘spray’ in French, refers to a high-end digital printing technique which is the preferred choice of fine artists. It creates a faithful reproduction of the original on canvas and other fine art materials. It also ensures a museum-quality level of permanence, anywhere from 50-200 years, outlasting other types of printing.

There is an art to the creation of a Giclée reproduction. First, the original painting is digitally photographed. The resulting file is then adjusted using an electronically colour-balanced monitor. A proof is produced, using the same materials as the final print, to ensure authenticity. The Giclée printer is capable of producing exceptionally detailed, high-definition results. Specially selected fine art inks are used. Calibrating the final print combines a high degree of skill in both art and technology.

The resulting limited edition reproductions are distinguished artworks in their own right. Giclée is the first choice of artists worldwide who wish to share their work with a discerning public.

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